>>The Caldwell Target Turner sets the bar for a user-friendly interactive targeting system. The electronically operated Target Turner rotates 90 degrees, back and forth, at user-adjustable speeds, making it the perfect interactive target. Featuring a low centre of gravity and durable polymer and powder-coated steel construction, the Caldwell Target Turner will give you years of reliable service, even in windy or wet conditions. >>Whether you're having fun in the backyard or you take your training seriously, the target turner will help refine your skills as a marksman. With its unique 90 degree rotation capability, the Caldwell Target Turner takes your firearms training to the next level. >>The Target Turner is perfect for shoot/no-shoot training situations or for friendly competition. Offering user adjustable, 90 degree back and forth rotation, from every second to every 6 seconds, the Target Turner is adaptable to any shooting situation.

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Brand: Caldwell