Avenue: Everything + eCommerce

The world’s most fully integrated ecommerce solution

There’s only one platform that has all of your in-house business processes covered. Avenue ticks every box and has been designed by a local team of experts who understand that ecommerce isn’t part of your business, it is your business. Now is the time to harness the world’s most powerful platform to maximise your business’ growth.

How does Avenue drive business growth?

  • Save time and money with integrated data - Avenue links seamlessly to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Access synchronised ecommerce data by recording individually or in bulk. The order fulfilment process is streamlined with no manual intervention necessary.
  • Benefit from product rich information - Avenue integrates with the Pronto Xi stock module. If an item is stored in your product data, you can access it instantly, saving you time. Take advantage of product specific upsell and cross-sell functionality, In-stock/Out of Stock statuses, Was/Now pricing as well as Product Review and Wishlist creation.
  • Allow customers to checkout easily - Avenue makes multiple payment options available - your customers can make purchases from your site via credit card, PayPal, pay on account or via BPAY. They can also checkout as a guest or take advantage of the Click & Collect feature. An in-built freight calculator takes care of cubic calculations and support is offered for multiple freight methods. Set up recurring payments for subscriptions and get the support you need for Pronto’s promotional engine and Point of Sale (POS) coupons.
  • Customer personalisation - Tap into the power of Avenue by customising the platform based on who is using your site. You can easily enable both B2B and B2C customer purchases through the same site, while also being able to personalise the shopping experience for enterprise customers. Bill to account and invoice payment options are also available, as is an approvals process for online ordering. Additionally, you can display contract pricing online.
  • Get to know your customers - Pronto’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration support makes it easy for you to learn more about your customers and their behaviour. Tap into MailChimp integration and automated subscription options and implement omni-channel VIP programs to track online and in-store purchases.
  • Digital Marketing - A range of SEO tools are at your fingertips, including meta data. Marketplace integration ( including eBay) is made easy, as are third party marketing tool integrations (MailChimp for example).
  • Ongoing Support - Pronto offers ongoing support and maintenance packages. Pronto Xi upgrade support is also available.
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